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When Shadows Call (2012)

by Amanda Bonilla(Favorite Author)
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1101562188 (ISBN13: 9781101562185)
review 1: I have to say, I started book 1 before I realised that this book existed... I sharp righted that wrong... and I'm so glad I did. I read this before I finished the first book and here we find out about Darian's past, how she lived, how she was the battered wife and how Azriel came along and changed her life forever... Literally!This short snippet was an excellent way to start a series, Amanda Bonilla is a superb author, one that can write words and allow me to travel with the story, even with my limited imagination!
review 2: I've got the first book in this series on my bookshelf but when I found out there was a prequel novella, I bought it and decided to start here.Darian is an abused and unloved woman. Married to a doctor hiding his sexuality in San Francisco
... more1912, she lives the life of a weakened and beaten down woman. She lives in fear of her cruel husband's moods and dreams of escaping--even with death.The night one of her husband's friends stops by for dinner, her life changes forever. Not only is Azriel beautiful and mysterious, but he turns out to be her saviour.He changes her, turns her into a Shaede--able to move in shadow--and offers her a new and exciting life of passion and shadows. But more importantly, she slowly starts to find the strength that was beaten out of her when she was human.This was a great prequel novella! Sad, but very well written. An intriguing start to what seems to be an exciting new series. Looking forward to checking it out! less
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I enjoyed this first book and looking forward to book two
Excellent prequel to the Shaede Assassin series.
DarianRead 29th June 2012
what did i just read
the origin story.
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