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Full Blooded (2012)

by Amanda Carlson(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0316205206 (ISBN13: 9780316205207)
Jessica McClain
review 1: DNF - I got to page 30-something before I just gave up.The book starts with a woman in transition to werewolf for the first time, and because it jumps in straight away, dragging me with it.... I don't really care. It's ineffective. Perhaps if there had been a scene before this that had let me get to know her, maybe I would have. A book with a "SUPER SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE" protagonist already has a black mark, if you beat me over the head with their specialness, I'm going to get over it real quick. There's lots of unnecessary "Word it so the reader will get it." moments. It feels like Carlson thought her readers wouldn't be able to keep up. It keeps repeating and spends far too much time explaining things that don't need to be explained (often again), while interesting (and imp... moreortant?) things are left vaguely dangling.... which I assume is an unsuccessful attempt to add intrigue.The brother's physical intro (not counting the excessive exposition in her head) doesn't read as loving or teasing. It reads as "I never matured past age six." and the dad didn't feel real at all. He felt like an encyclopedic character there to give orders and explain things (needlessly and in bland tones)The first person narration does this book no favors. After a constant stream of "I was relieved" and "I was mildly surprised" etc, I was ready to stop reading.
review 2: So I'm about 80 percent done with the book and there are a few gripes that I have.1. Her inner wolf dialogues. I get the whole stuggling with your inner monster thing but sometimes I think she talks about it too much. If she goes anita blake on me, I'm asking for my money back. 2. Whats with the instant mystical soul mate crap? Just seems a little cliche or lazy writing or something. I like my "meet cutes" early and noticable, but still. I don't like either of these people enough to enjoy the instant relationship element of the story.3. There was way too much time spent in a committee meeting. yawn. I don't like committees and avoid them whenever I can, WHY did this author make me attend a very boring, very long counsel meeting. Can we get a little more pithy with that crap, maybe sum up? and then there is a second meeting with fewer people. 4. WHY? Instead of fighting, everyone has to stand around for.ev.er saying (essentially) "oh, I'm going to hurt you so bad because I have the biggest pair here." and then someone else says, "nuh uh, I have the biggest pair and if you try to hurt me (or mine) I will hurt you way harder." and then the witch says, "my witchy powers are so cool and I will stop you from doing anything because I'm such a bad mo fo." and then the vampires stand there doing nothing while the head vampire says, "you dirty rat, you can't do anything right so I am going to kidnap the girl." And although the author is a way better writer than I am, I am still starting to hope that someone kills the girl dead so we can all stop talking about it and move on. It kind of reminds me of when I was in Jr. High and two guys start to yell and circle eachother, both saying, "you want to start something, go ahead!" and pretending they are just about to jump in until the crowd that surrounds them pressures them to put thier money where thier mouth is.With all that said, I am still inclined to hope that once this tedious world building is out of the way, the next book might be a better read. Here's hoping for a good finish! less
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Loved it!Great book with a fantasticfemale lead
Yay! Won this on Goodreads First Reads!
What a Cliffhanger :\\\
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