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Quello Che Fanno Nel Buio (2012)

by Amanda Coe(Favorite Author)
2.63 of 5 Votes: 4
8806207547 (ISBN13: 9788806207540)
review 1: This book is quite well written, except for the American character, which seems out of place and superfluous to the story. It's not the sort of book to leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings, having a rather sick, while at the same time, inconclusive, ending. The book jacket notes the last 20 pages are horrifying, and because of that, I opted not to read it after dark. Indeed because of that warning, the novel projects a quiet air of menace.
review 2: This was awful! The writing was disjointed and obnoxious and frankly, the book seemed like two books that were blended together and never merged. One plotline was about a child star and that never went anywhere...I thought we'd see that Lallie had been abused and that weird Hugh was diddling her...but nothing occu
... morerred really with her or any of the characters associated with her. It was just a big dead end. Then, the two girls that the story really centered around were not really fleshed out and drew no sympathy from me. Gemma's mom moves in with a fat child molester...it seemed from the beginning that something would happen there, but it didn't. Pauline is a poor, dirty girl..the kind British writers love to write about..are there really people like that in England? Such extreme white trash? The two girls also have an unlikely storyline which ends with a completely unbelievable act. This book, in plain English, sucked. less
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Kids are f****d up. This is the story of two of them.
I expected more.
Okay story.
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