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Selling Out (2013)

by Amber Lin(Favorite Author)
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The Lost Girls
review 1: Shelly is a high priced call girl, who is really having a hard time getting out of the business. Finding a job has been a dud, what can she put she has been doing all these years. Then add to the fact that she may meet a previous client. What is a girl to do? Yet she does all she can to help young girls get away from that life. She is in love with a police officer, and he sure has some feelings going on for her. Then there is a murder, and she is trying to save her ass as well as a young girls. The things she learns along the way will be eye opening but gives her understanding of so much. As you read this book you want to see Shelly survive and get out of that life. At the end you can't help but be glad for her happy ending.
review 2: This is not an easy book t
... moreo read. It's about a really sad story involving a girl that was pushed into prostitution at a young age and then finds herself unable to escape the bonds of it, both mentally and from the threats of her ex-pimp. There's more to it of course than that, and it's a very complex and gripping story, but it was not a book that I just found myself unable to put down. It was rather depressing and grim and paints a very bleak picture of the flesh industry in Chicago. Shelly's character is very moving...and I marked it humor because she had some very choice funny comments to make throughout the book that made me giggle. She and Luke were incredible once they broke down each other's barriers, and there is a lot of emotion involved with her friends, Ella/Claire, Luke's search for his sister, ridding the world of Henri and his evil and of course, the inevitable showdowns which come at the end of the book. It's a well-put-together story and flows well, but it wasn't a favorite of mine by any stretch. Definitely an eye-opening tale of the life of a prostitute and the challenges that one faces when trying to go clean. I may have had a better picture of Shelly's background if I had read the first story in this series, but I didn't really find that it was necessary to enjoy this book. less
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I enjoyed this book also.Wow did not expect all that played out. awesome.
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