The Dish 4 (Pages 133 – 188)


Laura keeps struggling with her feelings about her review and Adam. When he contacts her and asks her to meet him for lunch in his house, he cooks for her. It is a simple meal, but Laura finds the food totally scrumptious, and before this lunch, she has also had some pastries he had left for her in the office and she swears she hasn’t eaten something so good before. So now she is convinced that Adam can’t have cooked the food she and Roger had the night they went to Adam’s restaurant. Laura thinks that she might have made a mistake, so a few days later she talks to Roger and asks him if she could return to the restaurant, and Roger gives her the thumbs up.

Apart from the review, Laura doesn’t know what to do of Adam. He is lovely, but he is always preoccupied about something. Actually, their lunch had to be cut short as he claimed that he had to see to some family business, and actually his mum turned up at the end of the lunch. I don’t know what is happening to Adam, and I’m not sure why he doesn’t explain things to Laura. He claims that soon everything will be sorted out, but what? Laura is also worried that apart from some kisses, he hasn’t tried to make a pass at her, and her friend Sophie and her boyfriend Will reassure her, telling her that Adam is just honourable.

Adam and Laura meet again for coffee during the week, and during their time together, Laura confesses that she has an issue with trust.  Her husband cheated on her with a friend, and she also tells Adam that she also felt betrayed by her family. Around the time when she got married, her mother found another lump, but she refused to have the operation during the week of Laura’s wedding. Laura was kept in the dark, and while she was on her honeymoon, her mother had surgery, and things went wrong as her mother got an infection and from then on the woman’s health plunged and she was kept in induced coma. Laura returned from her honeymoon to find her mum terribly sick, and she was never able to talk to her again as her mum faded away and died. What Laura can’t forgive is that Jess and her dad denied her the chance to say a proper goodbye to her mother.

As for Roger, there is something suspicious going on as well. The man has absented himself from work on one occasion without warning, and when Laura asks him, he claims that he went to play some rounds of golf. Yet, Laura knows that is not true as that day it was raining and his golf bag was untouched in his office. So what is happening to Roger? Is he sick?

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