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Museum Of The Weird (2010)

by Amelia Gray(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
1573661562 (ISBN13: 9781573661560)
Fiction Collective 2
review 1: What a great collection of stories. Gray writes with the satiric genius of a contemporary Kafka or Voltaire. You're not supposed to relate to armadillo holding a miller high life, but dammit, Gray can. What I really liked about this book was how she took these stories that seemed random - a woman is served a plate of hair or two men marry inanimate objects - and opens up the discussion of stuff like gender politics within the reader's mind. Why SHOULD the woman feel obligated to eat the plate of hair? I think that't the sign of a truly great writer: to raise questions without actually asking them. It was tough to not finish the whole thing in one go, but it's worth keeping this book aside, picking it up when you have time and savoring it, bit by bit.
review 2:
... moreThe title is spot-on. Gray's collection is like wandering through a museum someone pasted together in their basement, full of objects with powerful significance for the curator, significance visitors can only begin to understand. Her stories are weird and wonderful, taking oddities in stride. A man calmly tourniquets the leg of a woman who cut off her own toes to eat. Parents debate the inscription on a mysterious giant iron cube while their children toss rocks into a nearby lake. A woman wonders if the plate of hair in front of her at the restaurant was ordered by her date. The weirdness is never distracting. Instead, Gray asks us to step back and think about the strange things we've stopped seeing in our lives. She also asks us what-if, the most powerful question of all. less
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About half of these were worth reading, I would say, and a few were real gems. Worth a skim!
read to me by jackson nieuwland via skype.
Highly recommend this book! So good!
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