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Amelia Gray's Museum Of The Weird (2010)

by Amelia Gray(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
1573668184 (ISBN13: 9781573668187)
review 1: I wish some of these stories didn't end so abruptly. Other than that, very good read. Some stories made me laugh, and some grossed me out (but in a good way). There seems to be a recurring theme of people consuming weird things or getting things stuck in their system. My favorite stories were Babies (a little too short though), Thoughts While Strolling, Snake Farm, The Pit, and The Suitcase. At least these ones were funniest to me. I think these just struck me as more lighthearted.A lot of great quotes in this book too."On the back of the wormacide bottle there is one warning: Do not plunge your hands into the dark earth and hold them still until nature renews its movement and you feel the delicate pulse of thousands of worms through your fingertips and across your palms. ... moreSuch a feeling will make it very difficult to use this wormacide."This was my first time reading anything by Amelia Gray. I might have to look for more books by her.
review 2: I liked this book. Surprisingly liked it. I wasn't sure I would when I started-- the first stories seemed to be trying too hard, as though conscious of their "weirdness." And not all of the stories worked. Some still managed to feel cliche. But overall, the impression left was of the woman blind to everything but a garden in forever-spring. I think there is a thread here, a curiosity about our deeply held, if irrational beliefs and why the status quo is just that. The gems were enough to make me certain that I'd happily read more of her work. less
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A rather odd selection of storied, though not un-enjoyable. There are some definite gems in here.
As promised, pretty weird. And also pretty great.
Very short stories, very odd...VERY delightful.
An intimidating work of genius
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