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Taming The Tycoon (2012)

by Amy Andrews(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
162266972X (ISBN13: 9781622669721)
Entangled Publishing, LLC (Indulgence)
review 1: I loved the depth and variety of characters Amy Andrews creates in this book, a loving mix of flawed, vulnerable and downright quirky. Her secondary characters are delightful and real too, and I now want to visit that alpaca farm to meet Nate's family. Opposites attract, although the h/h aren't absolutely opposite as we discover when we learn Addie's background. She's been in Nate's shoes and understands him better than he knows himself. Now, having found her 'centre'and living on her boat and working in Soul Food among her organic food and crystals, she knows she can help him. And save St. Aggie's Garden at the same time. Emotionally satisfying as Nate progresses along his journey of self-discovery, and realistic in details of Addie's health battles, this is a story not t... moreo be missed.
review 2: HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!! Just so well written. Steamy parts were very steamy, but it was about so much more than just the sex. I adored everything about Addie. I loved her stark contrast to Nate. All the characters were so well defined. I loved the way Nate came around slowly, it wasn't an instant evolution. He couldn't fight his attraction to Addie . I loved the fact that they were opposites, yet had so much in common. The way they met hooked me from chapter one. The playfulness was so fun. Nate's Grandmother and mother couldn't be more lovable. The more serious moments were so intense for me I teared up several times. There was no annoying misunderstandings and over dramatic fighting. It was all very real. Great love story. If you get a chance you must read this one. less
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I thought this was a really great and fun read..... Enjoyed every minute of it...:)
This was beautiful, romantic and better than expected.
Bought on 99cent day based on blurb. Review to come.
very sweet light read
Review to come
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