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Il Libro Delle Verità Nascoste (2014)

by Amy Gail Hansen(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 2
8811686970 (ISBN13: 9788811686972)
review 1: I wish I could give this book 2 ratings. Three (stretching would be 4) stars for the plot twist which is the only thing that made the read passable and two stars for the annoying female characters. I'm sorry, (spoiler alert) I get that there are emotionally unstable young women who become so tied up in relationships that they contemplate suicide at the demise of a relationship. But MULTIPLE women attempting suicide over the loss of the same man is a huge stretch. I cannot stand sniveling "women" who know they shouldn't date a married man (she even admits it's wrong) and then can't believe their heart was broken. GAG ME!!! Not to mention the numerous warning signs that the guy was a jerk and she chose to ignore them and then feign innocence. I certainly hope I am ra... moreising my daughters well enough to not put up with that type of treatment that it is unbelievable to me that a woman would tolerate this treatment. Granted, by the end of the book this young women has matured and shows a small amount of maturity but the entire time I wanted to slap her and explain that she is the type of whiny, immature girl that gives all women a bad name. Wish I had skipped this one.
review 2: When I started this book, it was so good. The mystery just pulled you in. The writing was easy breezy. The writer just kept you guessing. But at the end of the book, it just dragged. So I would give the plot beginning a 5 and the ending a 3. The main character Ruby has suffered great tragedies her last year of college. First her father dies in a freak accident in New Orleans and Ruby feels responsible because she had stayed in the Midwest at college instead of being at home with her family. Then she begins a relationship with her married college professor. She can't call it an affair since it's real love. Mark is also her advisor for her senior thesis which has the disturbing topic of women writers and suicide. The more she researches the more obsessed she becomes with the writers and her lover starts to put distance between them. One semester before graduating from her all women's college, she attempts suicide. After being committed to a hospital she opts not to return to college, cutting all ties and friendships. But then a suitcase arrives at her moms house for her. It's not her suitcase but one she had borrowed from a girl on her dorm floor, but her address was on the tag. She's attempts to return the suitcase to the owner Beth but finds out from her mother Beth is missing after a trip to Pittsburg. Then the mystery really begins. Why is Beth missing? What is the clue in her journal? Why didn't Ruby turn it over to the police? Ruby chooses to return to her college and face the stares of her classmates all of whom know of her suicide attempt but not her affair with her professor to find out what happened to Beth. less
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This was an easy read, great for sitting in busy airports and keeping your mind quiet.
I couldn't put this down. The plot twisted in ways I didn't guess
Enjoyable debut.
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