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Safe With Me (2014)

by Amy Hatvany(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
1476704414 (ISBN13: 9781476704418)
Washington Square Press
review 1: I had read review that it was sappy, a made for tv book....so I wasn't sure starting it. I have to say it wasn't so bad. Hannah struggling with trust issues, having a child "unconventionally", then struggling with the loss was believable. Olivia marrying a man with some obvious emotional issues, but wanting to protect her child, faking happiness another believable story that happens more often than we want to see. Maddie's struggles with illness, being wiser than her years, struggling as every teen to fit in believable. I'll be looking for more of Hatvany's books. women's book clubs should definitely share. For those interested, a lot of police stations will accept old cell phones for domestic violence shelters.
review 2: I don't even know how to describe Amy H
... moreatvany's books. This is the second one I have read this week and I am absolutely in love. I'm pretty sure I'll read them all before moving onto another author. Her books capture the real, taboo, and raw emotions and issues that so many people throughout the country face. Her characters have so many dimensions I feel like I know them. She has to be one of the most talented writers that has ever graced the literary world and I would recommend her books to anyone. Anyone who can say differently just baffles me. This book was so beautiful and frightening. It really makes you think about other people's lives and situations. People with joke that money can buy happiness and assume rich people have no reason to complain.... if you think that, this book will open your eyes. I don't want to give away any spoilers or write the synopsis AGAIN since 1000 other reviews add it. All I have to say is read this. Read any of her books! less
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3 stars. Quick, heartwarming story about 2 women connected through their daughters.
I enjoyed this book and loved the three main characters.
Good story. Predictable ending. Lots of open questions
Muito intenso...
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