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A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, And The 1846 U.S. Invasion Of Mexico (2012)

by Amy S. Greenberg(Favorite Author)
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0307592693 (ISBN13: 9780307592699)
review 1: It's probably better to ignore the Mexican American War. Our reasons were questionable, at best, while the outcome was unquestionably good for America (bad for Mexico). The war is told from the perspective of four players--one of whom (Lincoln) who was the least involved, Polk and Clay, plus my homeboy the hitherto little known (to me) John Hardin (my homeboy!). This was not our finest moment as a country, but, we would not be the same country had this not happened.
review 2: I sometimes wonder what the USA would look like had not President James K. Polk decided to take large chunks of land by starting a war with Mexico. Would the entire Southwest still be in Mexican hands? Would there be no such things as the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, N
... moreew Mexico, and so on? Also, we should be reminded that Polk wanted to extend slavery through this land grab. He got the land all right, but not the slavery. The cost was war, thousands of lives lost, and America's high moral ground. less
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Outstanding and very readable history of this period, told through the lives of five key actors.
Eye opening book revealing some of the roots of the civil war and the US expansionism
Not that great of a book, but a very important, under appreciated, topic.
Very Interesting
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