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Paris, My Sweet: A Year In The City Of Light (and Dark Chocolate) (2012)

by Amy Thomas(Favorite Author)
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1402264119 (ISBN13: 9781402264115)
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review 1: This is a short autobiography of a slightly self-obsessed woman in her upper 30s, who moves to Paris (from NY), has a glamorous job, and is a dessert gourmand. Her descriptions of the many sweets, pastries, cakes, puddings, cookies, etc., that she enjoys is really quite nice. This isn't great literature; it's like a Hershey's kiss in the entire world of brilliantly hand-crafted chocolate. Not especially inventive, but nonetheless fleetingly sweet and satisfying.
review 2: Just Finished Listening to (9) Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas. If any book should be produced in scratch n sniff (or Odorama for those listening to it), this would be it. Thomas is a advertising creative type who wrote a blog about her favorite sweet shops in NYC in her spare time. Then she w
... moreas transferred to Paris, the love of her life, to write Louis Vuitton ads. And blog about croissants, chocolat chaud, tarte tatin, while discussing the relative merits of cupcakes vs macarons and where to get a good chocolate chip cookie in the City of Light. Throw in a few midlife crises, a medical scare, how Paris can be lonely when you're a single female American, blah blah blah. Mostly I couldn't care less. BUT when and if I ever get to Paris, I will bring a copy of her book as a tour guide to all the best patisseries. Bon Appetit! less
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Fun book - read it in a day. Made me hungry for chocolate and Paris!
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