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Große Fragen (2000)

by Anders Nilsen(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
3855355622 (ISBN13: 9783855355624)
review 1: Okay, I really tried to like this comic. And I DID like it... for about the first three hundred pages. Then... I lost interest. There were characters I cared about- Algernon, Curtis and Betty, Clay, the Snake... (And hey what happened to the matriarch?)But in the end, it read like a "literary fiction" novel, trying way too hard to sound all profound and mysterious, and giving no real resolution to any of the plots. And I did not get the whole pilot's thing with the birds. In fact, I really didn't get the point of the whole book at all. Eventually it started to drag on. I was going to give it two stars, but given the sheer length of this brick, I decided to be generous. Overall? Disappointment. I'm glad it was a library book, because it apparently cost seventy bucks. Not wo... morerth that at all.Also, really really difficult to keep track of all the birds because they all looked the fucking same. In the afterword the artist/author wrote about how he loves the subtlety of body language from frame to frame in graphic novels, and how that gives characters unique personalities that makes it easy to keep track of them. But he really failed in that, I think. Pretty bad.
review 2: A truly haunting story. This is one of those books which, after finishing, I had to just sit by myself for a while to think about it. If you enjoy graphic novels with an ending open to interpretation, I highly recommend this book. It's also interesting to see how the art improves as the story moves along, as the whole thing took more than ten years to produce. I liked how the birds did more talking than the humans in the story, making them seem the more intelligent species. less
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I just finished Big Questions by Anders Nilsen. Really loved it.
this makes me want to own everything by mr. nilsen.
Lovely art work and very clever. Love it.
I have a broken heart.
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