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The Sorrow King (2011)

by Andersen Prunty(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
0982628161 (ISBN13: 9780982628164)
Grindhouse Press
review 1: Gethesemane Ohio is under seige. The Suicide Virus! Steven and his father Conrad have had a rough go of it. After divorcing, Steven's mother dies of cancer. He's depressed. But it seems like the kids around him are more depressed. They are killing themselves! Why? Is Ohio just so boring? Or is there something more to a story Steven writes while he is sleeping called The Jacktheif? I liked this book alright. It could have been better... there was something missing to make it AWESOME. Like Prunty couldn't go all the way with it. And also- I didn't love the ending.
review 2: This is my favourite novel by Prunty so far. He’s brilliant at handling surreal, psychological horror. I picked it up on preorder because the title and the cover intrigued me. And I’m so g
... morelad I did. The story is about a recluse teenage guy, his attraction towards a teenage girl, and some sort of paranormal legend going around. Teenagers are killing themselves and there’s this mysterious figure called the Sorrow King. It’s dark, surreal, at times disturbing, at times sexually disturbing, but it’s nightmarishly compelling. less
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This is available free as a kindle down load as of today 9-2-11
Just couldn't hold my attention, sort of boring...
Free for Kindle for a limited time.
4+ stars. Excellent story.
Dark and awesome
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