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La Prima Indagine Di Montalbano (2004)

by Andrea Camilleri(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
8804529830 (ISBN13: 9788804529835)
review 1: Después de la decepción del último de Montalbano, leer estos relatos es como volver al inicio y entender porque me gusta tanto esta serie. Los tres son relatos sin sangre, como apunta el autor y en tres momentos de la vida del comisario. Me gusto sobre todo el 2do. ya que habla de cuando era subcomisario y el inicio de la carrera en Vigata, se vislumbra ya que le gusta mantener relaciones a distancia, probablemente para poder manejar su vida sin dar demasiadas explicaciones, tan solo alguna excusa aquí y acullá. En una nota aparte siempre hay alguna referencia a algún autor o libro (casi siempre Pirandello), pero en este libro hay una referencia a Chavarria (autor Uruguayo-cubano) y algunas referencias a Borges:- ¿Usted a leído alguna vez a Borges?-....- ¿Eso es u... moren libro?- ...Hay personas a quienes la pregunta acerca de si han leído un libro les resulta más ofensiva que el hacho de que alguien les pregunte si han tenido amistad con Jack el Destripador.:)
review 2: This is not part of the Inspector Montalbano series and certainly not a brief account to be squeezed between books 8 & 9 as Goodreads seems to suggest. No it is as clear as the title declares; this is Montalbano's first case, when he is promoted and transferred to Vigàta. So it is a prequel and anyone who has seen the first episode from the BBC series "The Young Montalbano" will already be familiar with this story.As in this the established series the books and screenplays are seemingly seamless; unlike other book adaptations. However the writing is so good and the characters so lifelike I have no difficulty in keeping my own visual images from the books. The TV shows only enhance my pleasure and provide a sense of time and place.This short book will delight the fan; it is Camilleri's writing at its best with all the qualities of Montalbano, outlining his methods and their origins in his early career.I adore the simple story telling which oozes Italian life and political intrigue. As usual the Inspector cuts his own path and gets things done based on his knowledge of people rather than forensic evidence. It is a throw back to Maigret and I delight in these books as much as Montalbano savours his food.When one's only criticism is the brevity of the story you know you have a author who you could read at anytime and in any mood and be just one facial movement away from a smile.There is a passage where a group of people are interviewed about a suspect which is classic. I am not sure if there are any more early chapters of the story to be translated into English; this was available on ebooks. I would urge everyone to read Camilleri's work; this would be a great place to start, or for the established fan a great place to reflect on why this character is so well-loved. less
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A good read but the Inspector Montalbano first three books in the series are even better.
Quattro racconti lunghi senza neanche un morto. Da leggere.
Laughed - love the food descriptions as always
I have read it in Italian.
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