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Wonders Of A Godless World (2009)

by Andrew McGahan(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
1741758092 (ISBN13: 9781741758092)
Allen & Unwin
review 1: The concept is good, it is well written, interesting and complex. I did enjoy the ending, although I did predict it. However, the fact that I had to push myself to read this, and struggled to absorb the words on the page, means that I can't give it any higher than four stars. It was difficult to make a connection, especially when the orphan trusted the foreigner so much, a character who I never liked. It was slightly confronting in the use of the weak main character whose flaws were continuously being pointed out. So really, this book should only get three stars from me, as I found it, overall, to be a bit boring, but the ideas explored, the talented writing (which couldn't entirely draw me in, unfortunately) and the ending lead me to give it four s... moretars.
review 2: McGahan needs to be congratulated on what he has tried to achieve with this story. There is only word of dialogue spoken in the whole book. The girl doesn't speak and cannot understand words, the foreigner is comatose. The girl 'lives' in a mental institution and her normal mundane and empty world is thrown into chaos when a man (the foreigner) is brought into the asylum. What transpires is how these two 'connect'. As I said McGahan does deserve praise but there is a lot within the pages that really shouldn't be there. Do we really need a 6 page science lesson on how rain comes. Some of the descriptive is overlong and unnecessary. Good but far too long. less
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Possibly the 2nd worst book I have ever read.... did not enjoy at all.
An amazing book.
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