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Uncrashable Dakota (2013)

by Andy Marino(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 5
0805096302 (ISBN13: 9780805096309)
Henry Holt and Company
review 1: One Sentence Review: Uncrashable Dakota is a quirky adventure with wonderful characters somewhat let down by its own ending.Recommended for: Fans of steampunk and alternate history looking for a light read.I wanted to love this book. I really did. The characters were charming and fun, and often had me laughing out loud. The pacing was spot-on, with plenty of intrigue and a few good twists. I really liked the way Hollis' story intertwined with his grandfathers in the interlude chapters. Plus, airships. (I mean, come on.) By page 268, I was sure this was going to be a new favorite.Sadly, I felt the climax didn't live up to the rest of the book. I don't want to get into spoilers here, because it really is a good book, so I'll just say the climax had two threads: the emotional... more climax surrounding Hollis' relationship with his friend/step-brother Rob and the action climax involving the conspiracy plaguing the Wendell Dakota. I was incredibly invested in the emotional climax, to the point that the action climax felt like an unwelcome interruption.Most of the last 40 pages were lacking in emotional depth, and the resolution was somewhat unsatisfying given when I thought the author was headed with Rob and Hollis' argument and reconciliation.I won't say the ending ruined the book, because I did still enjoy it, and the first 5/6ths of the book were so good only a truly awful ending could have soured my opinion. Nevertheless, I was left wishing for something just a bit more satisfying.
review 2: To start off, I recieved this novel in a Goodreads giveaway and this in no way affects my review. I have to say, this novel suprised me. I was expecting a rather typical steampunkish novel but was suprised to find very little steampunk elements and instead found a delightful Alternate History novel with a splash of the fantastical. I really enjoyed this book. It had action, adventure, intrigue and a hint of weirdness, all of which is wrapped in an entertaining package. I highly recommend this book and look foward to see more of Andy Marino's works. less
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Did not fully live up to the potential of its premise, but I enjoyed it.
Flying bees(insects or whatever)? I don't really understand that part.
Average fare. Nothing objectionable. Set up for sequels.
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