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Carpe Somnium (2012)

by Andy Marino(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 4
3800056968 (ISBN13: 9783800056965)
review 1: Unison Spark - the social network that knows you better than you know yourself, if you're wealthy enough that is. Solid science fiction about a social network virtual reality world, a girl who lives in the sub-canopy of this futuristic world who has never used Unison Spark, and her encounter with the heir of the social network throne who is discovering secrets he didn't want to know. Fast-paced, exciting, but not my favorite dystopian/sci fi for teens.
review 2: Entry 1-Ambrose and Mistletoe aka.Anna are the main characters and protagonists.Aunt Dita and anyone else for their cause is bad. Martin Truaxand his gang are very bad and are antagonists.Entry 2-The setting is on Nelson and in Unison.The point of view switches bet Ambose and Mistletoe.Entry 3-These pe
... moreople created Ambrose and Mistletoe from a tube and since they are getting too old the police and Martin Truax, the most prominent person are after them, but Ambrose and Mistletoe defeat Martin. less
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Sort of almost a 4? It's a ponytail....ponytail...ponytail! Not a pigtail! Pigtail is plural!
This book wasn't very good I didn't like it. I would not recommend this book.
Fresh, new and different story that definitely had a creepier side to it.
En realidad un 2,5
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