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Can't Go Home (2013)

by Angelisa Stone(Favorite Author)
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Angelisa Stone
Oasis Waterfall
review 1: It was ok. The insecurity of the characters was annoying and the secrets they held from one another. Was not expecting the love triangle, tired of reading those. Also tired of men running when they can't handle a situation in the relationship and of course leads to him running to another girl to numb the pain to forget the girl he really wants. Pussy.Why are people always making assumptions? Confrontation people that's what needs to happen. Ask the questions that need to be addressed and confront the situation, stop running away. Frustrating.There were some family issues that were addressed that were interesting. Pipers issues were questionable. Being wealthy certainly does not make all people happy.Well Angelisa's writing style needs some work. She managed to add a lot of... more material into one story,but her characters did not drip with emotion thru the pages. It was not a page turner. I was not aching for the characters. I had no emotional attachment to them. It was just a story with some great issues.I'm adding this to my review because someone made a comment that I needed to provide examples for my comments, so here they are.We'll the love triangle written in the beginning where Theodore was introduced and Kathryn was torn for her feelings for him, not sure if she should settle and afraid that is the best she will get offered when he proposed and took her dinner. When Dre went to the Oasis he was tempted to leave with that girl until Kathryn walked in and told her to take a hike. Kathryn admitted to Dre that she was the one always running to him and him pushing her away because he did not want to face his past for fear she would not accept him. The emotion was in the circumstances not in the relationship. I read Andelisa's book because it was recommended by Christine Zolendz and when compared to her writing style I feel Angelisa has room to grow to be an emotional gripping writer as her. I read Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz and her writing style is dripping with suspense and emotion. Angelisa had some interesting issues but they could have been written in a way that had me begging for more. Thanks for the comments.
review 2: I don't think my review is going to convey how fantastic I think this book is! It had everything I look for in a book. Characters that I routed for and fell in love with. Dre was so wonderfully flawed. Kathryn was so wonderfully real and the chemistry between these two was off the charts.You must read this! The storyline was so intense in parts and when I think I figured it out, I was wrong. That makes a great book for me. Easily one of my top 5 favorite books! less
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Really enjoyed this. And while I loved Dre and Katheryn, Piper's epilogue was phenomenal.
I gave it a 4 because of Kathryn and how honest and funny she was!
Review to come. :-)
4.5 WonDREful stars
4.5/5 Stars
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