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3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows (2009)

by Ann Brashares(Favorite Author)
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0385736762 (ISBN13: 9780385736763)
Delacorte Press
review 1: 3 Willows is a book about three girls who have been friends since they were young. But ever since middle school they have drifted apart. I think that the author compared their friendship to a willow tree. One of the girls, Jo has begun to realize who her real friends are, and that you don't have to change to feel accepted. Ama thought that there was nothing worse than going to an outdoor camp and having no hair products. Yet she was wrong. Polly, thought she could change herself to fit a more glamorous life. But then again, why change to fit in when so long ago you were used to being accepted by your true friends. All of these girls learned that summer wasn't a time to grow apart but to grow together. Just like a quote from the back of the book says, "No matter how far ba... moreck you cut a willow tree, it will never really die." I recommend this book because it makes you realize just how valuable real friends are and that you shouldn't take them for granted. I also recommend this book because its entertaining and you don't want to put the book down because you want to see what happens next to the girls as they try out their separate ways but in the end, end up together again. Its action-packed and realistic in all the right ways. It is definitely a good book for adolescent girls who are learning who their true friends and who isn't. Me: So, Jo where do you think you'll be if you went back at the beach house and stayed with Brynn and Zach?Jo: Well, I would more then likely be more miserable than I have ever been. All Brynn has ever done was drag me down and change me for the worst. Im glad that I stayed at my dads in DC and have been with Ama and Polly. They are the best friends I have ever had. I can be myself and i'm happy with that.Me: Ama, what would you do if you went home when you got lost from your group at camp? What made you stay?Ama: Polly did. Once I got off the phone with my dad that day I wondered what Jo and Polly would say if I went home. What my sister Esi would say. Thats why I called Polly I guess. I knew she would listen to me. Jo would too. I blew Polly off thinking that Polly was no help to me if she was saying that it would be a beautiful once in a lifetime chance. I ended up listening, and Polly was right. The view was lifechanging. But you know what else is lifechanging? A friendship that will last a lifetime. Me: Polly, why did you go out of your way to help out Jo and Ama this past summer when you could have gone your own way also?Polly: I believed. I believed that what we had was worth fighting for. Even if they didn't need me or want me I was there for them and in the end they were there for me too. Thats what I like about them. Its not a balanced friendship. We all have each others back. Even if we can't pay them back they're there.
review 2: Friends since elementary school, Jo, Polly and Ama drift apart during middle school. The story follows the girls' separate lives during their last summer before ninth grade. Even though they're not together, Polly, Jo and Ama begin to learn what friendship really is.Jo's parents are separating. She and her mother are going to spend the summer at their beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Jo has plans to work with her new friend Bryn busing tables at one the restaurants there. Bryn isn't a real friend the way Jo and Ama were, but she's not babyish like Polly or an academic geek like Ama, and will fit in better at high school.Ama wins a summer scholarship which she assumes will result in an academic camp where she'll learn the way she does best – by scholarly research in air conditioned libraries. Instead she's chosen by Wild Adventure to spend the summer hiking, climbing, and camping with teenagers who are all better prepared for the outdoors than she will ever be.Polly has no summer plans until she becomes interested in modeling and signs up for modeling camp. She sets out to lose weight and remake herself, hoping that if she becomes a model it might somehow make up for the friends she's lost.Brashares has found her niche in writing about friendships. The friends she writes about are just the kind of friends every girls wishes for. less
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I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't nearly as good as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
So very good, it almost made me cry.
ganz nett.
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