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Sisterhood Everlasting (2011)

by Ann Brashares(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
0385521227 (ISBN13: 9780385521222)
Random House
review 1: Just as bewitching and wonderful as the earlier novels! Of course, the characters are 10 years old and the issues, therefore, slightly more mature and "adult" problems (marriage, job security, etc.). However, the same charm and appeal is still there. It was fascinating to get a new perspective on their friendships even as they lived across the country from each other. I really loved it, and sped through it! All you favorite characters and more come back!
review 2: I honestly don't know why I decided to pick up the last book in the series. I really enjoyed the first and found the subsequent ones to be disappointing. This one was just another in a string of ill conceived sequels. Exactly what do I take a beef with? Let's start with the shoddy editing and an examp
... morele: page 28. Lena hasn't heard from Kostos in 6 years since they last saw each other in Greece. Page 29. Lena received a beautiful, thoughtful letter from Kostos not quite 2 years ago when her Grandmother passed. How does that work?Second: not one of these girls has a real job. And what work they do have, they seem to be able to drop at a moment's notice. Not exactly giving these girls "down to earth" credibility. Third: With the exception of Carmen, they all are with their high school sweethearts? Really? Have none of them grown or evolved beyond that? Again, this makes them unrealistic characters.Lastly: Tibby's life/disease. Who keeps their pregnancy a secret from everyone? And then the illness? Especially when her family flew to Greece, you'd think Brian would tell them. Anywho, those are my thoughts. less
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The ending was a little rushed and hokey but overall, the book was well-written and relatable.
I like the whole things about this book but Tibby's gone. So 3 stars are enough.
What a great book it made me laugh, sigh and cry .... sad it all had to end.
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