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Zovem Se Sjećanje (2011)

by Ann Brashares(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 5
Znanje, Zagreb
review 1: This book explores the theme of incarnation which I am very fascinated with it. The book make us believe, at some point, that our dreams and things we can't understand about ourselves is because we lived lives before this one. This is a beautiful magical love story, filled with story and passion. I cried and I felt hurt. I love this story and I am sad that the book finished. I will never get over this book, I will never forget this story that broke my heart and made me feel alive again.
review 2: I have a few peeves with this book. The first is the lack of true romantic connection between the characters. Daniel sees Lucy, is entranced, and just suffers miserably for her/ with her/ missing her/ for hundreds of years. The only story I truly enjoyed between th
... moreem was when she was Constance and he was a soldier. I also found myself bored with Daniel's narration. I couldn't wait to get back to Lucy to see what ridiculous conclusion she had made and what she was going to do with it. One person time traveling, or being immortal is enough for a lot of people. apparently, not for Ann. It began to feel a little excessive and less special once we began to find out that Daniel wasnt the only one of his kind. His brother, Ben, a mother or two reappear here and there. For me, this ruined the magic and uniqueness of Daniel's condition. overall, just sort of dissatisfied with the book itself and how long it took to develop. less
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Very good page turner! Hope there's a sequel out there or coming some day. Really enjoyable.
one of my favourite book ever....
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