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An Ex To Grind In Deadwood (2014)

by Ann Charles(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 4
Ann Charles
review 1: I have loved all of Ann's books, but this one by far is the best. This one had me turning pages well into the night, and at one point, it really gave me the willies. There are more scenes with Doc and Violet together, which made me happy. Some questions were sort of answered for me, but many more questions arose. I really like where I think this series is going. It's going to be so hard waiting for the next book.
review 2: An apartment full of Black Forest cuckoo clocks which happens to contain a decapitated body (shrunken head nearby), a picture of a child that should still be safely in your aunt's house, a boss who is encouraging the staff to be on a reality show, encounters with ex's, sick children, and an aunt you thought you knew pretty much everythin
... moreg about throwing you for a loop - Twice! Yep, it's another Ann Charles Deadwood novel!Violet Parker can't catch a break! While her friends and family continue to stand with her, Violet finds another body, Harvey's dog finds another foot in a boot, and Detective Cooper has a new level of stress added to his life as he tries to solve the murders. Speaking of stress, just how does one deal with undead who make cryptic demands? And just why did Ms. Wolff call Violet minutes before she was murdered...and call her something in...was that German?Only because I've been working 60+hour weeks did it take me as long as it did to read! Ann's books are very difficult for me to put down. less
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Love Violet and the Deadwood crew. Mystery, humor, romance, and adventure at its finest.
My only complaint it wasn't long enough and I would have liked the ex to get his.
I love this series! I find myself laughing out loud :-D
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