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Robot Zombie Frankenstein! (2012)

by Annette Simon(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
0763651249 (ISBN13: 9780763651244)
review 1: While the story itself didn't grab my attention, what did was the use of simple shapes to create a "matrix" of robots (I didn't know what a group of robots was called so I cha-cha'd it. Other terms include gestalt, borg and drove). Recently I read a blog that when doing storytime, you should send something home with the kiddos to help them reinforce what you did...seeing as that I have run out of time to do crafts, this pre-made package of robot shapes might be the answer!
review 2: A bright, colorful picture book that lets basic shapes rearrange themselves in to robots, Frankenstein's monster, pirates and more! Not much text in this one -- the words are basically serving as labels for the robots' crazy costumes.Very bright and geometrical pictures make this
... morebook fun for teaching shapes! The endpapers also have lots of shapes used in the texts separated for more shape-ness.This book might be a hit at story time, but some kids may not get it. less
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Now this one is adorable! Great way to teach colors and shapes.
Great funny story. Good connection to 2d shapes.
Nearly wordlessImaginative
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