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The Viscount And The Virgin (2010)

by Annie Burrows(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
0373296126 (ISBN13: 9780373296125)
Regency Silk & Scandal
review 1: * breve dialogo con me stessa *"allora cosa ricorderai di questo libro?"*vocetta legnosa* "ovviamente la protagonista tutta ohhhh come sono calimeroooo piccolo, sfigato e tutto neroooooo"(anche se,lo confesso, a leggere i ragionamenti di tutti e due, ma sopratutto di lei, m'è venuta la voglia di frignare pure io ....La colpa è degli ormoni per forza!!! Per il resto ....senza infamia e senza lode ecco)
review 2: The Viscount and the Virgin, for me, reminds us readers that assuming too much leads to a lot misunderstandings.Midge, Imogen Hebden, assumed that Monty, Viscount Mildenhall, never wanted her in the first place. That the only reason he choose her was because she was convenient, indispensable. Yes, she have no reservations that he desires her but that d
... moreoesn't mean he loves her.Monty, on the other hand, after realizing his mistake after guessing the truth about Midge's character thought he could make up for his short-comings and eventually stay true to himself. He is in love with his wife but after assuming her to be in love with someone else, Monty choose not to lay his heart at her feet.Their story continues with a whirlpool of other assumptions which could have been solved if they explained to the other what is what. I enjoyed their story although it was bit fast but then again with Midge and Monty they do need a fast pace.I don't often pay attention to other characters but I was drawn to Rick, Midge's step-brother, and I find myself hoping he had his own story. And of course the gypsy half-brother Stephen who in my mind is the mysterious and dark stranger. There's something more about him that meets the eye and again I wished he had a story of his own. less
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One big misunderstanding after another. I got bored. DNF.
A bit of fluff for the day.
It was emotional but good
An okay regency romance
3.5 stars
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