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Alaeddin And The Enchanted Lamp (2000)

by Anonymous(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I didn't care for this version. I think the translation was ok, but my main problem with the story was the story itself. There are two tales---the first one is the source of the story, originating in Persia. I actually liked that one. The second was the Aladdin tale that is most familiar to mythology buffs. I liked it up until he gets the lamp. I thought the duplicitous sorcerer was a great villain, even if the magic didn't make much sense (why couldn't he get the lamp himself). After that, the story is quit uneventful and turns into the "boy meets girl" thing, with a happily ever after ending. If you are interested in Middle Eastern/Indian myths, you're better off reading the Arabian Nights.
review 2: كانت تلك القصة مقررة عليّ في الص
... more الخامس الإبتدائي ضمن منهج اللغة العربية وأتذكر أننا كنا نتسلم كتبنا الدراسية قبل أسبوعين من بدء الدراسة، وفور تسلمي لكتبي سحبت هذه القصة وأغلقت على نفسي باب حجرة أبي وأمي حيث الإضاءة أفضل وكذلك التهوية واستلقيت على فراشهما وأنهيتها خلال ساعات :))وللأسف فقد تخلصت أمي منها كما كانت تفعل مع كتبنا المدرسية ولا أعلم إن كان أيا من أبنائي سيتسنى له قرائتها less
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كتاب علاء الدين و المصباح العجيب للمؤلف كامل الكيلانى
First time reading the fairytale and I loved it! The illustrations were amazing!
Not impressed with the storytelling, but the illustrations are genius.
الله يرحمك و يرحم ايامك يا عمو علاء
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