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The Trail Of The Wild Rose (2009)

by Anthony Eglin(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
0312365470 (ISBN13: 9780312365479)
Minotaur Books
English Garden Mystery
review 1: I liked the mystery, but I think the book could have used some serious editing down, and the conclusion went on for much longer than necessary. This was the first English Garden Mystery which I've read, and while I wouldn't avoid any others, I certainly won't seek them out. The character of Kingston is arrogant, long-winded, and takes too much liberty with crime scenes and evidence. The mystery was so long that I began to mix up the characters from the expedition, so now I can't properly remember how the book began. There was a man in the hospital and for some reason the police made the mistake of asking Kingston to come in and help them. I think the police regretted it, too, even though Kingston assisted in solving the crime.
review 2: The main character
... morein all these books, Lawrence Kingston, a retired professor of botany, was very amusing in likable in the first few books I read of this series. He did have a tendency to be pedantic and maybe a little likely to overstay his welcome, but not boorish and so self consumed that he crossed the line. He is wearing thin, at least to me, by this book. He is a little too likely to interfere in crimes scenes and take and withhold evidence, since he seems to think, though he doesn't admit to it int he books, that he can better understand and use the evidence than the police. What hubris. He apparently thinks he is a better investigator than the police, so he is entitled to use the evidence he comes across and that he is really not breaking the law, but he is by withholding evidence. Unfortunately, the author fosters this (of course, this is his baby), by having the police comment on his natural talent as a detective - just don't do it again on my patch. However, to me the character is bordering on arrogance in his detective abilities, at this point and just too consumed with solving the mysteries himself, to the point that he is reckless and foolhardy. Still enjoyed this book, but the character is getting a bit too unbelievable and even irritating to me. less
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Perhaps if I was a gardener I would have enjoyed it more.
Miniseries: An English Garden MysteryCategory: Mystery
Botany and chinese pottery in Cornwall
waiting for more ...
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