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Saigon (1982)

by Anthony Grey(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0330280422 (ISBN13: 9780330280426)
review 1: Probably one of the best historically correct novels about the war in Vietnam. Extremely well researched. I was in college during most of this war and reading this book as to why we were there in the first place was a real eye-opener for me. I knew so many people who were affected by this war...several who died there as well. Glad I read it. It is a 900 page book but the plot moves quickly and it is one that I couldn't put down ....reading into the wee hours. I highly recommend this book. You get the history wrapped up in a novel.
review 2: I LOVED this book. As someone who grew up in the 60's and 70's, I had snippets and impressions of the complicated relationship between the US and Viet Nam. I love a historical fiction novel like this. When moments
... morestrike me I Google personalities or events included in the book and found often in this case that they relate to real people and occurrences, skillfully woven into the narrative, wrapped up in a compelling fictional story. I learned much from this book, about the complications of diplomacy and politics, greed and a desire for freedom. I am committed to reading more novels by this impressive author. less
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I did not know much about the history of Vietnam. It was a good story with history thrown in.
It took me months to get through it, but it is definitely worth spending time with.
One of the best readings ever! Fantastic! Can't stop reading.
One of my favorite books!
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