Exit Plan Edinburgh: Svengali’s Lair

After our first two games at Exit Plan, we had a break for a couple of hours, heading to Dirty Dick’s for some haggis balls (when in Rome…). After that, we headed back to Exit Plan for our third and final game of the day… Svengali’s Lair.

“You are woken up by a maniacal laugh.  It sends a chill down your spine.  That crazed cackle is unmistakable – you have been captured by the evil genius Svengali for his own twisted amusement!

Handcuffed to the wall, you are completely at the mercy of your captor.  But he has a game for you to play in order to earn your freedom.  If you defeat the devious puzzles the dastardly Svengali has set for you – you will be free!

In order to focus your mind however, your hideous host has provided you with some motivation to escape before the hour is up….”

This is probably the most well themed room out of the three. Writing on the walls, intriguing pictures, low light – the place looked quite mysterious.

As mentioned above, you start the game handcuffed to the wall. It’s a scenario that starts off a lot of games across the country, but the solution to getting the cuffs off in Svengali’s is definitely the most innovative we’ve seen. This one fun challenge kicked off a trail of puzzles, some continuing to be really out of the ordinary and fun, and others being more paper based and requiring some thinking.

This was a really enjoyable game, with a good flow, and a few stumbling blocks that leave you thinking for a while. The finale to the game was excellent – unfortunately there was a technical problem a few moments beforehand which sort of ruined the moment, but our host David handled it well. Overall, a great game!

Host: Again, David hosted us, and did another fantastic job.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? We escaped our third Exit Plan room, this time with 10 minutes and 11 seconds to spare (including time added back on after the tech fault). Definitely the most challenging of the three games

Website: exitplanedinburgh.co.uk

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