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Marionette (2000)

by Anya Allyn(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: Like another reader posted it feels like each book of this series is a different sort of genre. The first two books flowed together pretty well, but this one takes us into a whole different universe (literally). Keeping everyone straight, as well as all the universes, is slightly difficult, but gets easier as the book goes along. Again, there are lots of twists that I never saw coming and I continued to gasp out loud. This book didn't have the same hold on me as the first two books, but I would still give it 3 stars, not amazing, but not terrible. Worth reading to find out more about the dollhouse world (and all the other worlds).
review 2: This is one of the most chilling, intense, mind-bending series I've ever read! The third book in the Dollhouse series delv
... morees swiftly into a world of science-fiction horror, old mystery, and secrets. With every revelation Cassie learned more questions were posed, and I felt like I was holding my breath through the entire book. My heart ached for Zach, oddly enough, but I also hurt for Ethan. The mind-blowing plot is something that's never been done before, at least not with such great imagination and twists. It's almost like Inception, where you have to watch it again and again to truly understand the depth of the paranormal and "timey-wimey" nature of the thing. I feel that I might simply die of suspense waiting for Book 4!!! less
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This story just keeps getting creepier...but in a good way. Keeps me reading.
it was a little confusion at first. but I am glad I stuck with the story.
Intoxicating! I can't get enough.
*Review to come*
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