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Jake And The Giant Hand (2014)

by Philippa Dowding(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 1
1459724216 (ISBN13: 9781459724211)
review 1: Philippa Dowding is a master storyteller. It feels as if she’s sitting in a rocking chair, telling the story to a rapt young audience. Dowding’s novel for Grades 3–4 is filled with suspense, mystery, and humor. For example, who or what is the giant hand? What is the white object at the bottom of the post hole? What happened to the old woman who disappeared? And where do the swarms of humungous flies come from? As Jake gradually uncovers the mysteries on the farm and in the town, he learns more about his family history and about the character of his grandfather.In a layered, deceptively simple story, the character of Jake grows in understanding and maturity. This is a fun-filled story for readers who like a spooky tale. And the surprise twist at the end is, well, surp... morerising.
review 2: The part of the book before Chapter 1 begins contained a large number of words that were missing letters. Once I started the book (after the beginning of Chapter 1), the formatting was off, but the missing letters, for the most part, stopped. The story was a little slow, but I, generally, liked it. I didn't like how Jake treated his grandfather, but I'm going to mark that down to his age and nothing else. less
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Creepy and fast-paced. Just intriguing and scary enough to make you read want to it in one sitting.
A great read...I can't wait to share it with my nephew!
This is a fun read for kids nine or ten.
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