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Death Watch (2011)

by Ari Berk(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
1416991158 (ISBN13: 9781416991151)
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The Undertaken
review 1: I'm not sure how I feel about that one. It was painfully obvious that it was the prelude of a series and most of the time it felt slow. But at times I loved it and the excitement was on top! I'm still not sure whether I should get the second book of the trilogy or not. There's a risk the second book, Mistle Child, also will be a prelude to what happens in the third book, and also will be mostly slow. The third book isn't even available at the Sci-Fi bookstore and it was released last year :/ So if the second book also is a prelude then I won't be able to buy the third book easily to get the conclusion. But I have time to think about that. The first book did offer a sort of sense of completion in the end, so I can wait.
review 2: I liked this book i really did.
... moreThe only issue i had with it was that it was very hard to get into and ran slow in alot of places but the idea the originality and the amazingly detailed gothic setting kid of immersed you into this world of cemetaries and gravediggers. It explores death and dying in very interesting ways, some are sad some are happy and well some just ARE. All in all this was a very well written and good book. less
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Beautifully and hauntingly written. I impatiently await the next installment.
Couldn't get into it; didn't finish.
2.5 star
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