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False Covenant (2012)

by Ari Marmell(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
1616146214 (ISBN13: 9781616146214)
Widdershins Adventures
review 1: I know that I once remarked in one of my reviews that any book with a sad ending, no matter how good it was, automatically receives one star less than what it really deserves. Well. Let's just say that this one deserved 6 stars and got 5 instead. Still sarcastically funny, still mysterious, still action-packed, still thrilling and still bloody, this is the book that I have been hoping for since my failure to find a good book, an engaging book, to read awhile back. So…Recommended for people who like a good kicking mystery (and little bit of romance!) book with great characters!((I've noticed the reason I can't write good book reviews is that said review often turn into a turmoil of god-knows-what that makes no sense to a lot of people - myself included sometime - instead ... moreof an educational yet enticing summary. And that's the gods honest truth… so read at your own risk.))
review 2: Woah..! This book was better than the previews! Windershins, funny and such a badass, as always! The whole plot was so interesting and seeing all the 'sides' together to fight the evil on this story, was really cool! Even with such a sinister things going on on the story, the humour, soath this very well. I was also so happy to finally see the romance between Windershins and Julien, here. It's rare to see some romance in fantasies books written by men! Anyway, I really loved this book, but I was very disappointed with the end. I really wasn't expecting for it! But even so, I'm looking forward to read the next book. less
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IT HAS BEEN PURCHASED.IT WILL BE READ SOON.Soon, my darling...Sooooooon.
3.5 stars, but an improvement on the first one
Soooo good. Review coming soon!
just as good as the first
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