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Anna Meets Her Match (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (2013)

by Arlene James(Favorite Author)
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Mills & Boon Love Inspired
Chatam House
review 1: Anna Meets Her Match (2009) by Arlene James (Love Inspired).This is a really nice book which I enjoyed a lot. Anna was a wonderful person who was dealing with her life as best she could. However she actually made a few things harder for herself as she was cutting off her nose to spite her face (as the saying goes). Reeves was also a very wonderful and caring person. When he meets Anna again all he remembers were the surface commotions she had always caused. As he gets to know her a bit better though he ends up understanding the underlying cause and this starts to put her past actions into a new light for him. The little girl was adorable and I loved how Anna totally understood her and was able to relate as well as gently show Reeves how to be the father he had always tried... more to be but had been coming up short as. The Aunts were such lovable characters as well and you could even understand how Anna's grandmother went overboard in the other direction (this is understandable once you read the book) while trying to raise Anna. She was really a bit clueless even though she was trying to do her best for Anna and I felt a bit sorry for her...Back Cover Blurb ~~ A Recipe For Disaster?Take one uncontrollable little girl. Add a home infested with bees. Toss in former childhood nemesis Anna Burdett, and what single dad Reeves Leland gets is one big headache! His trio of matchmaking maiden aunts aren't helping matters. Neither is his attraction to Anna, now grown into a beautiful woman. The former wild child soon proves to be the perfect match for Reeves and his willful daughter. Could this reunion spark old memories and new possibilities for a future together? -NFM-
review 2: This was my first Christian fiction book that I have ever read.The story of a brewing relationship between two people that thought they were unlikely for each other building a relationship with each other and God.Truly a good read, but since the beginning I already knew that it'd have the fairytale ending for Reeves and Anna. I found Gilli to be very cute. The mother, Marissa, though ... she was something else! less
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-A house infected by bees is a recipe for disaster, as this book shows. An ok book.
One of my favorites by this author--heroine really grabs your heart.
This is another selection of contemporary, family-centered romance.
anna finds true love with childhood crush Reeves.
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