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Hell Cop (2008)

by Astrid Amara(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
1596328126 (ISBN13: 9781596328129)
Loose Id
Hell Cop
review 1: I initially bought this for the Kindle because I am a fan of Nicole Kimberling's work and enjoyed the authors' collaboration and interlocking storytelling in the Irregulars. All three authors have clearly worked to built Parmas and the people/creatures that inhabit it. The characters each have moments where they tend to blend together (each one seems like a pair between a dark, beefy hell cop and a lithe blonde), but the stories were all entertaining. The sensuality of the romance also feels more realistic than in the Irregulars, and fit into the story rather than trying to force plot into something romantic.While it'd be nice to read a collection by these three talents that didn't rely on an erotic charge, I will still most likely pick up the sequel to see how the charact... moreers and their relationships have evolved.
review 2: This was recommended as part of the August Pick for Me, and I'm really glad Alyosha chose this for me. I don't read a lot of short stories because so many feel incomplete, but that wasn't true here. This is actually 3 stories that all involve a Hell Cop and take place in the same imaginary city, Parmas. There are 3 different authors but they all built the world really well. Lots of demons and sorcerers and portals. Again, I tend to stay away from Paranormal, but now I have to rethink that!The stories were fun, the characters were hot and I enjoyed this.Thanks Alyosha! less
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I enjoyed all three stories but loved the first one the best.
I enjoyed the heck out of these paranormal stories.
4.5Great anthology!My favorite story 1 and 3, :)
Totally loved this idea of hell cops!
4.25 out of 5
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