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Hell Cop 2 (2009)

by Astrid Amara(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
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Hell Cop
review 1: I wouldn't say that you have to have read Hell Cop #1 before reading this, but it certainly makes it much, much better. I rarely like Anthologies where the stories are tied together. They usually feel tacky, but these three authors really make it work.This trio of stories happens after our heroes ride off into the sunset together at the end of book #1. None of the three are secure in their relationships , and some have reached that critical point where lust and attraction are no longer enough.I loved that this book allows it's characters to deal with serious individual and relationship issues. The world-building is also fabulous. Richly drawn and disturbingly detailed.This isn't a comfortable book. The relationships are rocky and the world is scary. What this is, is... more satisfying.
review 2: I have mixed feelings about this one - while Astrid Amara's story continued with Jay and Brian's romance, and it was well written, I didn't really like the inflexibility of the two characters to deal with Brian's crisis until it was almost too late... Yes, I know that's a common device to use, but in particular, it didn't quite fit with Brian's character.Of the other two stories, both were reasonable with Ginn Hale's story the reason I rounded up to 4 stars rather than down to 3 - my usual tactic. less
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I loved it. Three terrific writers, three seamlessly integrated stories. Fantastic world building.
Ratings - Trust Me: 3 / Dark Waters: 3 / Such Heights: 3
Really fun series - loved it
4.5 stars
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