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Alice Close Your Eyes (2013)

by Averil Dean(Favorite Author)
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077831586X (ISBN13: 9780778315865)
Harlequin MIRA
review 1: This book had a really good, eerie opening. Why has the main character broke into her neighbour's house? What does she know about him? For me the rest of the book doesn't quite live up to the potential of the opening. I thought Gillian Flinn explored the need and pain of people who cut themselves better in her Sharp Objects. I found the ending a bit of a copout and the big confrontation between Ray and the main character anticlimactic. Having the main character as an author somehow didn't quite ring true either.
review 2: If you like sex scenes on practically every page, this is the book for you. Don't get me wrong - if this is what you are looking for, go right ahead. The sex scenes aren't bad, and in fact, some of them are actually quite well written. I do
... moren't have a problem with sex, however, I expected this to be more of an action/suspense kind of book and less like a Fifty Shades of Grey book. The ending wasn't great, the middle left me feeling like I was walking on a bridge that could collapse at any moment. There were some good parts - just not many. less
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Erotic thriller...gave up about half way through. Too much sex and too little "thriller" for me!
This book put Fifty Shades of Gray to shame. Erotic, suspenseful, and downright captivating.
dissappointing, hailed as good for fans of "gone girl", not in same league
I loved Alice, hated Jack. But love Averil Dean, she rocks
Unresolved ending.
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