Blackout Music NL – VA – Evolutions Vol. 3 – [Review]

Vol.3 of the ‘Evolutions’ series has landed before us from the crew at Blackout Music NL. Bearing with it a compilation of 5 tracks at its disposal. This series is a project which is set on exhibiting the ever evolving sound of DnB, hence the name ‘Evolutions’, and the guys who are trying to propel this sound.

On the first strike is Proxima with his tune ‘Closely’ which flows with a ghastly intro and unprecedented drop of a half-time, dubsteppy tone and a flaring vibe to it.

Following on the roster is Gydra with ‘Indoor Space’ pacing you accordingly on the intro just to directly inject you with adrenalin rush which is driven by a sharp revolving percussive work to make your head spin.

Thirdly comes in ‘End of Line’ with the engineering work of Merikan. The track has an interesting trick to it just before the drop where it sounds like synths gnawing at each other and then dropping into carefully lined up lead stabs enforcing greater vibes in the tune.

Then follows collab work from Splash Head & The Clamps with ‘Useless’ which is uncivil and well designed to be the soundtrack for going to war!

Lastly is Cod3x with ‘Sublimation’, eradicating the close of this volume’s series. Employing a fantastically well-articulated drop from the soaring intro that gives you an impression of an aggressive drop only to find it’s simmered down a bit and accentuates gangster roller vibes.

This ‘Evolution’ series is definitely something to keep an eye on as it is set to level things up with every release. Massive release from the Blackout crew!

Words by: Toan

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