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Sing In The Morning, Cry At Night (2014)

by Barbara J. Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
1617752274 (ISBN13: 9781617752278)
Kaylie Jones Books
review 1: Wow, almost everybody gave Barbara J. Taylor's Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night no less than three stars. I guess I missed something. I did not feel the same way at all. I felt that the whole theme of redemption pretty heavy handed. Taylor sets Sing/Cry in September 1913, in the small mining town in Scranton, PA. Violet Morgan is an eight year little girl who almost evrybody in town blames for the death of her nine year old sister, Daisy. Including her emotionally fragile mother, Grace, whose grief is actually personified. Violet's father, Owen, has "turned to drink" and has, for all intents and purposes, abandoned his family.According to the notes located in the back of the book, Taylor makes note of a family tragedy and a blizzard that helped form the basis of Sing/Cry.... more Indeed, the Morgan family tragedy is horrendous. I couldn't even fathom losing a child and in such circumstances where your other surviving child might be to blame. In between a rock and hard place doesn't quite cover it. However, to me, the characters did not invoke any kind of sympathy from me.I found Owen to be a sniffling, fickle mess. He was boring. Violet's character wasn't very developed for me to get an understanding for her. Honestly, I felt that Taylor did a better job with Stanley's characterization than Violet's. I enjoyed Stanley. Grace was a bit annoying and I hated Grief being corporeal. It took away from the drama. Plus, he disgusted me with creepiness. It was gross.This will make sound so incredibly bad but it was too Southern Christian. That's right, I said it. It was all a little too much for me.I did enjoy the close gossipy cliquey-ness of the town, especially Myrtle. I also really liked the names Owen and Grace. Those names stuck with me.
review 2: I love historical fiction and learned new things from reading this author’s first book, a novel set in Pennsylvania coal mines. I had some trouble with the point of view. The Characters all rang true except the one who haunted the mother of the young girl that died. Was it a real person? Or was it a ghost? Or was it voices? My curiosity about this reoccurring character distracted me from the wonderful story threads: The bright young boy forced to give school to begin work in the minesThe husband buying a piano for his wifeThe wife who demanded sobriety from her husband before giving her consent to marryThe preparations for the arrival of the evangelist less
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Scrantonia, death, coal mining, religion......not a good summer reading combo
Good read. Reminded me of home.
enjoyed this book - easy read
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