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Long, Last, Happy: New And Collected Stories (2010)

by Barry Hannah(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 2
0802119689 (ISBN13: 9780802119681)
Grove Press
review 1: If they made a biopic on Barry Hannah, yeah, I would watch it. Even if it only showed him sitting around the house all day, getting drunk. But there would at least be legitimate gunfire. Maybe some motorcycle or airplane crashes. (Was he the one who pulled a gun on one of his students?) Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my hot car, reading Rangoon Green. It's the last story in the collection Long, Last, Happy. Aside from the unforgivable omission of Quo Vadis, Smut, it is arranged pretty well. Can't remember if he was always a Grove author or not, but it fits.
review 2: The highest praise I can confer on this book is by declaring it a testament of genius sentence-making. As a writer myself, Barry Hannah's authorial power would be ungovernable if it were not for the fac
... moret that he is wise, funny, beguiling and linguistically *sui generis* for so many pages that it is evident that we, as readers, have been afforded a rare auguring into a brighter mind. The man was a soul-charmed humanist in the fullness of his plumage, and I have lived a million cavorting passions just consuming this lifetime tome. Better stories I dispute I've read. less
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funny, gritty, harrowing - ended up giving me nightmares - vivid imagery
Complex, original style, but ultimately not enough to keep my interest.
Brutal and beautiful.
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