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Phoenix Rockstar (2000)

by Bec Botefuhr(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
Biker Rockstar
review 1: Terrible, terrible read. Ignoring the fact that there is constant grammar and spelling errors this book is beyond the scope of reality. Each turn is more preposterous then the next; I can enjoy a little break from normalcy now and then, but this was so far fetched I couldn't even relax into the reading. Not too mention who finds a 21-year old who baby talks attractive? I wanted to scream "grow up" throughout the whole book. I had only one question through the entire book - when will this be over?
review 2: I so want to finish this but, I just do not think that I can keep reading when all of these silly 'bikers' and people all speak so posh. It is too tiring to read, trying yo shorten all they say because bikers do not talk like this!!Why is it when you try
... more to make a point, what you say does not come out the way you want it to look and sound?Ahh!! Bikers are ruff!!! Ain't no other way to be!! Gonna find me some real bikers. less
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Blah. The writing reminded me of a YA storyline. Not my cup of tea. Skipping the next one.
Damn cliffhangers. It's a good thing the next book is already out.
Read in 3 hours. Good plot but easy writing.
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