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Blacque/Bleu (2010)

by Belinda McBride(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
Loose Id, LLC
review 1: Interesting idea, I found it pretty well told, intentionally and obviously turning cliches on their head. It was much lighter BDSM than I expected. I think Arcada is a cool idea - a town that attracts and keeps the peace between magical beings. I don't feel like I got emotionally invested in the characters in this story at all. It was good and I liked the world-building, but something was missing for me.
review 2: My, oh my, what a sweet couple that was. Bleu is a vampire like no other. He suffers insomnia and recurring nightmares from the time he was a soldier. In fact his problem runs so deep he can't even feed himself properly anymore and looks rather haggard these days. Which doesn't go unnoticed by his sexy werewolf neighbour Blacque. Blacque is a mechanic
... more and a loner. He belongs to the pack but avoids closer contacts. He harbours a dark secret after all - he's gay and there is just no such a thing like a gay werewolf. But his long surpressed longing doesn't stand a chance in confrontation with an amorous vampire he secretely wanted for years. So they indulge in a steamy affair, but on one condition - it ends on Monday. Then both of them, but especialy Blacque, will have to fulfil their responsibilities. It was a really nicely written. One thing is certain - Blacque was too noble for his own good. less
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this book was smooth, that's the word for it
Loved this sfm.
3.75 stars.
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