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Where Darkness Lies (2014)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 3
1612184928 (ISBN13: 9781612184920)
Montlake Romance
Criminals of the Ocean
review 1: This book was much darker than I expected to me and in such a good way. I was happy to see the author continuing the Criminals of the Ocean series as I enjoyed the first book. However having finished Where Darkness Lies I think its safe to say that the squeal is my favorite book so far from the actual series. It's highly unusual to come across both a hero and a heroine that are tortured within the bases of a novel. I think that Dimitri's past tended to haunt him a little more than Jess's own hidden secrets did her and yet this was a thrilling driving force in the book that I came to really enjoy because the plot is very unique. As for the romance in this book it was sinfully devouring. The one thing I enjoy most about Jewel as an author is her ability to tell a romance... more that hasn't been done before. Her books, at least with this series is something refreshing I find it to be immensely entertaining. With that being said I think the chemistry between both Dimitri and Jess was stronger than the actual romance. Normally I don't like this idea but for this book it worked. I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much as I do if it would have turned out to have a sappy ending or even moments of lighter romance involved. So for Jewell this works well and she was able to pull it off. I'm really looking forward to continuing this series and I am eagerly awaiting the next release.
review 2: Those who know me know how much of a fan of Bella Jewel I am. Her books completely captivate me from the 1st page.Where Darkness Lies is Book 2 in Criminals of the ocean, I devoured book 1 so was so excited for this book. Wow this book like all other Bella's book is amazing, it is emotional but more so than previous books. I love Jess she has been through so much, but in no way is she a walkover, she stands up to Dimitri, like no one else.These 2 together have been through so much separately that together they heal each other. Jess teaches Dimitri how to feel again.A must read!! Another 5 star book from Bella but I know I won't get anything less from her. less
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I liked it but I enjoyed reading the first one more.
I love all of her books so far! She's pretty funny!
i like this better than the first book.
4.5 stars, loved Jess and Dimitri!
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