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'Til Death, Volume Two (2000)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
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'Til Death
review 1: ...but this book effectively crushed all my interest. The beginning of the story worked well for me because, come on, sometimes a girl has to appreciate when assholes beg and grovel! However, to say Katia was a dramatic mess would be an understatement. I swear, the amount of times she wailed, sobbed, screeched, or threw her head in agony made me think she was undergoing some type of physical torture. And, to make matters worse, her tear ducts were basically broken faucets: they just kept going, and going, and going. Oh my god Penny is lying next to me...sob, wail, cry. My friend is supportive and happy for me?! Cue tears running down my face. And of course, we cannot forget the ENDLESS (and I truly mean endless) tears of AGONY AND ANGUISH AND DESPAIR that Katia shed for he... morerself (pitying herself should be her job). And the greatest was when after doing something completely selfish or ridiculous and being scolded by her loved ones, she would claim that "nobody understands." I hate to break it to you Katia, but lots of people have gotten their heart broken, so you're not in fact that special. Yes, what Marcus did was atrocious, but holy shit Katia take a xanax or something because you seriously need to calm down with all the melodramatic bullshit. Overall, this book was wayyyyy too dramatic and angsty for my taste, especially considering the amount of times tears flowed, knees buckled, and wails were released.
review 2: I couldn't finish this book. These people are horrible! They just had sex in both volumes and never spoke. The only think he knows about her is that she doesn't like onions or whatever. She doesn't even have a clue about a thing about him. Everything was repeating and it was making me want to strangle every character in the book. I don't know what happens at the end, but I think that they need to separate, maybe get themselves doctors and not come near each other in the next fifty years or so. less
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I'm pretty sure entire sections of the book could have been easily reformatted to make emo poetry.
I cried. A lot! But I also hated both leads at times. Forever picking sides.
Way melodramatic. 3 stars for the series.
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