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Knights' Sinner (2000)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
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The MC Sinners
review 1: This book is brilliant, but not just this book the whole series.This book is about is all about Jackson, the knights sinner's president. In the last book a girl named Serenity comes to the compound beaten up and says her dad did it.This book picks up right from there. Serenity did get beaten by her dad, except her dad is the enemy of the Knight's.Serenity is not a bad person, there is a reason why she is doing what she is doing, giving her dad secrets about the MC. Serenity has feelings for Jackson, she can't understand why two MC's look the same, but are so different from each other.She is having a dilemma because she is not meant to like these people, but she does and she doesn't want to betray them, but has no choice.Jackson thinks she is young but he can't help but hav... moree feelings for her. But then Serenity tells him and things change between them. This is a great book and things happen that involve a bomb, a birth of a baby and a pregnancy. What more can you want?This was written well and as much as I loved the other books this one, in my option is the best story of the series. I don't know if there will be anymore, but I do hope so.
review 2: Ahh Jackson...Let me just say 40 is not old. There are plenty of over 40 smokin' hot men and you are definitely one of them! I'd been looking forward to Jack's story and it did NOT disappoint! I read this in one day. Jackson really is a softie. Except when he found out how he was being betrayed by Serenity. Not nice at all! But, I get it though...sort of. Serenity...ahhh, I think I cringed every time she had to go back into her father's compound. This is a great series, I love how all the characters intertwine with each other throughout all the books. less
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This book was so dirty , and the age difference had me hook line and sinker.
Good MC story. Hot story line with a sweet ending.
4.5 Stars! My face of the series!
3.5 Stars
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