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Precarious (2000)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
Jokers' Wrath MC
review 1: Review By LeeannOk, this is my 1st Bella Jewel book and I was not disappointed. In this book we meet Ash who is a prison guard and Krypt who is a biker.They meet in prison when Krypt is locked up for murder. Ash is independent and feisty. When she is in the company of the MC they really don't know how to take her which makes for some laugh out loud moments but also some cringe worthy moments as well. Krypt is you typical stereotyped biker. He has muscles, tattoos and he is dark and moody, but when it comes to Ash, all bets are off. He wants her and nothing is going to stand in his way.... Now I don't want to give away spoilers by telling you anymore of the storyline, but if you are a fan of MC books that have lots of rough blokes who will lay down their life for a woman ... moreonce he has claimed her. If you like reading about lots of hot hard sex and you enjoy reading about women who can bring their biker to his knees, then you cannot go past this book. Precarious has it all and more!! Awesome job Bella Jewel, this book had me captivated from start to finish and I seriously cannot wait to read about Maddox and Santana when their book is released in September!! In the meantime I think I will go check out some more Bella Jewel books to tide me over while I'm waiting!!5 Stars...Leeann Review By TashPrecarious is the first in a new series by Bella Jewel. I have been a fan of Bella’s Hells Knights series since the very beginning and although when I first started Precarious I didn’t like it, it quickly captivated me. From the moment this bad boy biker walks into the prison where our heroine works we know these two will end up together. Like a good Bella Jewel book the chemistry is there from the beginning even if the characters didn’t know it yet. This book showed us the soft side to a MC member and how their club truly is their family and they will all protect each other and their loved ones. Bella has perfected the biker stories but this one stepped it up a notch with the threesomes and the detailed scenes. The book got better and better for me as I kept reading. Love Bella and her work!4.5 Stars...Tash
review 2: 3,5 stars!This was an intriguing story and the setting was great. There was suspense, bad ass bikers, an okay story line and a lot of steam! The tension between Beau and Ash was fantastic. And it was hot! There were some things that bothered me: 1. Penny. I just don't know what she did there or why she had to be there in the first place.. She contributed nothing to the storyline apart from making Ash jealous. And after serving for some drama her character was just removed from the story. 2. Ash was a little too violent for me. But it suited her character and didn't lessen my reading experience. Apart from these two issues it was a good book and I enjoyed reading Beau's and Ash's adventure! And I will definitely read Maddox' story! less
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enjoyed it currency reading number 2
Great read!!
3.5 stars
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