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Repetition Patterns (2008)

by Ben Tanzer(Favorite Author)
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CCLaP Publishing
review 1: This is my first experience with one of Tanzer's books, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I love how Tanzer manages to squeeze so much description in without really seeming like he's doing it. The prose is still tight and clean, but more is there than it seems and there are some real poetic phrasings here and there. I love the way the stories proceed as well. Tanzer manages to be both hard hitting and mournfully yearning at the same time, the stories being extremely tender gut-shots. This is a marvelous short collection and I'm definitely going to check out more of Tanzer's work.
review 2: Tanzer follows up his first two novels with a an extremely well-crafted collection of stories. All of the stories are full of heart and each of the characters has an almost de
... moresperate longing for their lives to get better. The title comes across as a metaphor for the patterns that often lead to downward spirals throughout the book. In all these somewhat darker tales, the characters live and breathe -- you know them from side streets and back alleys of your own hometown. But even if you are sure of the road they are headed down, you want to grab them by the shirt collar, and talk some sense into them before it all goes south. It's a sign that midway through any of these tales, you suddenly care about what happens to these characters, as if they were your own old friends. Having read Ben's work before, this collection stands out as his best effort. less
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Excellent. Really looking forward to reading more from Tanzer (which I will start now)
Unequivocally yes. I can't wait to see what Jason's got!!
It changed my life.
Review forthcoming!
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