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Black & Orange (2000)

by Benjamin Kane Ethridge(Favorite Author)
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Black & Orange
review 1: I wish there were 1/2 stars, Goodreads, get on it! I would really have to give this 3 1/2. I lost interest a little ways in but last night it picked right back up. I wish I knew this guy in real life, the two books he has written have the most creative premises I've read in maybe forever! Again, I didn't really enjoy his writing style though I liked the writing better in this than in Bottled Abyss. I think because I really enjoyed the relationship between Martin and Theresa. This book is scary, violent and had some over the top sex stuff, none of which I am opposed to, hahaha.I would recommend this along with his other book Bottled Abyss for the premises alone.
review 2: Benjamin Kane Ethridge's novel, "Black and Orange", won the Bram Stoker Award for Outs
... moretanding Achievement in a First Novel (along with Lisa Morton's excellent novel, "Castle of Los Angeles")in 2010. Not surprisingly, the award was well deserved. "Black and Orange" is beautifully written, vividly imaginative, and stocked with characters you will not soon forget. For me, reading this novel was a true joy.Halloween is approaching. The time of the Harvest is near. And the gateway--a barrier that prevents the horrors of the Old Domain from crossing into our world--is at its weakest. Chaplain Cloth wants to bust the gateway wide open, but he needs the Heart of the Harvest to accomplish his goal. It is up to the Nomads to protect the Heart and keep the gateway closed for another year.While the above paragraph summarizes "Black and Orange," it hardly does the book justice. Mr. Ethridge has woven a complex and compelling story with enough subplots and twists to keep the reader guessing at what will happen next. The struggles of the Nomads, the two humans who have kept Chaplain Cloth at bay for over twenty years, is inspiring and tragic, making them both likeable and realistic. Cloth is terrifying and could easily stand with Randall Flagg and Hannibal Lecter as one of horrors iconic villains. You will also meet the Bishops of the Church of Midnight, scheming, avaricious men who ratchet up the story's conflict to dizzying heights. And those are just the principal characters; there are many others whom you will enjoy (and, ultimately, feel sorry for).Mr. Ethridge's writing is evocative, so much so that I found myself reading slowly so I could savor the imagery and the pure, pristine style. For me, Ethridge's work is part Joseph Conrad, part Harlan Ellison, and part Clive Barker. It left me breathless.From people who love scary stories to those who enjoy the art of writing, I highly recommend Mr. Ethridge's award-winning novel. less
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It was just an ok story. Didn't really grab my attention, had to work to get through to the end.
Very sad, but funny at the same time! I want more!!!
This looks like an interesting read!
Interesting take on Halloween.
did not ingoy
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