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Jersey Angel (2012)

by Beth Ann Bauman(Favorite Author)
3.11 of 5 Votes: 3
Wendy Lamb Books
review 1: Very good audiobook and probably more realistic than I want it to be. I would have rated it higher, but nothing much really happened to the narrator of the story. I kept waiting for the story to start. It seemed like the minor characters got all of the good stories, and we only got to hear about them peripherally. I was more interested in the pregnant girl, the Swedish friend, or the ex-boyfriend who liked fancy cheese.
review 2: Personally, I had mixed reviews about the book. I loved it for the realism and the how raw the character is in the sense that we can see right through her. Angel is portrayed as anything but an angel- she fools around, betrays her best friend, and can't see that what Joey wants is sweet and innocent. Instead, she does things she soon c
... moreomes to regret. What I and a lot of the readers have mixed feelings is the open nature of the discussion of the sexual acts Angel commits. Yes, the author has the right to write as what she pleases, but it must come in mind this book is a YA book, and not an adult. There is no warning of the content of this book, so any young teen may come across this book, and read something that might not want to be read. But despite that, I give this book 3.5 stars out 5 for the open discussion, controversy that rises, and the true rawness of the character- a character we usually idolize as the "it girl". By seeing her weaknesses and the change of character she goes through, we experience something unique. So read this book, but be warned of the sometimes crude and harsh language and description! less
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Read straight through it tonight. Fluffy with a slight tinge of seriousness about promiscuity.
Kind of a good book, but what was the point?
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