Finding “The Zone”

Treadmill pointed towards a big screen TV tuned on NCAA Volleyball

Keeping a streak going is challenging enough, finding the motivation for your run can be even worse. However, from time to time you can just find the right motivation and can find “the zone”. Today was one of those days for me. Something just clicked.

I think it was because of the entertainment on the television as I ran on my treadmill. Usually treadmill runs are a struggle in my mind between whatever I am listening to and being on a treadmill. I think we can all agree that being outside and running in nature is ideal, but sometimes you have to attack the treadmill.

The entertainment today was key for the first half-hour or so of my run. My beloved Nebraska Cornhusker volleyball team was playing in the Sweet Sixteen and it was on television (kind of, on ESPN3). So streaming it on my television I got lost in the game and just got going. So lost in fact, that I realized I didn’t press start on my Garmin until 13 minutes into the run. Oops.

An hour (and 6.5 treadmill miles) later, and I felt refreshed and happy. It was time well spent. 17 days into my streak, and today’s run was perhaps the best run of them all. Got to love finding the right motivation or entertainment.

What gets you motivated for a run? How do you deal with the treadmill? How often do you find “the zone”?

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